Tuesday, April 20, 2010

busy busy busy

that seems to be my life these days...

my 2 little angels turned 2 last weekend and we had a party for them. it was so much fun having all of their little friends around this year instead of it just being ours for their 1st birthday. they had a ball.

i'm following the tradition that most of my friends {children of the 70's} are and making cakes from the good old Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book... I love it!!

last year i made the toadstool with fairies

this year it was a butterfly

they got a karaoke machine and LOVED it!!

and a heap of dress ups... which they couldn't wait to put on

aaawwww love this photo

i think this will be the last year i'll get away with making just the one cake!!

Happy birthday my gorgeous angels. What an absolute blessing you are to daddy and me. We love you more than words can describe. You make the world brighter, more beautiful and a lot funnier. Here's to many more years of love, health, happiness and all you wish for. Love you my littles
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this jen day said...

oh, so so beautiful. your little ones are just precious. and the cake! wow. very impressive. hope all is ok at your end.xx

Emma said...

That is just beautiful. My daughter will turn 2 this year as well... time passes too quickly!

I made my daughter a puppy dog cake for her 1st birthday as she seemed to love our dog more than anyone else. LOL. Good old Women's Weekly birthday cakes!

Kelly Casanova said...

What a beautiful display of birthday goodies, I see the girls benefit from Mum's sewing expertise too!

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