Sunday, May 30, 2010

mixing friendship and business....

up until recently i haven't has any issues with this but a couple of things lately have been niggling at me

i have helped quite few people when it comes to getting thier business up and running and i really am very happy to do this... my motto in life and business is that you "share the love"

so of course i'm giving out ALL of my business info... suppliers, how i did this and that, constructive feedback etc etc... and i really don't expect anything in return... i like to see other people succeed in life doing something they are passionate about

but... and here's the big but.... a couple of times over the past few months opportunities that would have been great for my businesses have come and up and people who i have helped to the end of the earth knew about them and thought it best not to pass on this info to me... even when directly asked about it... it kind of gets on my nerves.

just wondering how others feel about this???

please don't get me wrong... most of the people i have met in real life and through the net have been lovely and helpful and a real support for me and i feel very blessed to be a part of it all

so i'm going to put this behind me... vent over... and keep helping others because i know that my success in my business lately is a reflection of all of the positive energy i am putting into it

love to hear you thoughts

shan xxxx
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Margaret said...

I am a great believer in Karma. I hear you in regards to handing on business ideas and I have found myself in the same position many times. In order to get through the ideal, I have to believe in Karma. Those people who refuse to give the love back will find that it comes to bite them in the butt eventually.

shan {missy melly} said...

i agree margaret! karma is one of my belief's... i guess it's really disappointing when its a friend... but all things in time... i am being repaid daily with all the great things in my life so i focus on that... xxx

IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

Sorry to hear that this has happened to you. One of the things I love about the crafting community is the willingness to share info, feedback, thoughts and support.

shan {missy melly} said...

thanks sash.... i'm happy to report this is the exception to the norm and most of this fab community are just that FAB!!!! and supportive and sharing and basically just a real treat to be around... so thank you to you all for that!!

A Lillie Bug said...

I feel sad that something like this has happened to such a giving person.
You deserve to be given as you give!
And yes karma will bite back!
oh dear you know what I think....? Sometimes keeping up with every convo etc on the net can be tough. I sometimes feel I owe it to alot of my helpers in life but forget...oooo is that very slack??? of me!
You know I hope I havent upset you because I appreciate every bit of help u have ever given me! xxx
And I truely think you would not hesitate to tell me if I had!

qttess said...

I think what hurts the most is that they are friends...and you just don't expect 'friends' to act that way...and we learn that they aren't really friends..because a 'friend' would never treat you that way. Life is a learning curve, sometimes we see the good and then we see the bad. Don't be distraught, yes, we are all in agreement that karma will 'bite them in the ass'.
Don't hesitate to vent! We're here for you..through thick and thin!!!


shan {missy melly} said...

thanks tess!! i am feeling better after my little vent.. so thanks to you all for listening. i know that, for me it's in my personality to share and give and so that's not going to change. since starting both of my businesses i have met so many wonderful people who have become good friends and for that i feel blessed. and for those particular people that don't want to give back... that's not being positive and therefore i believe you will breed more of that behaviour around you. anyway i am now over this... feeling better and moving forward...

so..... who wants to know where i get my fabric from???

love xxxx

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