Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i can't believe i forgot to tell you....

.... i received an email back from my dad!! he was surprised but very happy to hear from me... he agreed with everything i wrote in the email and was suprised to hear about his first grandchildren {who are now 2} and see pics of them and our wedding etc... it felt good to sharethat with him

next on the agenda was telling my mum... i did this straight away because the longer i left it the harder it was going to get {she really hates him}

it went exactly how i expected it to go... she wasn't happy at all {that's putting it nicely} but what surprised me was how threatened she was by this all. i was proud of myself in how i dealth with her reaction and now feel good that it's all out in the open.

so we'll see where things go from here... but i am glad that something that i've been planning to do for years has now been done and i can keep moving forward.

hope you're all having a great day

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A Lillie Bug said...

I guess it comes down to maturity!!!! as to how people deal with these things!
I think about how I feel when the boys fall into a half decent relationship with their dad after months, years what ever of nothing and I get cross...cross that I make the effort financially and emotionally and he does nothing yet they are happy to meet for lunch and act like besties!
But thats my first reaction and its damn hard to hold back from saying anything harsh to the kids so I bite my tounge and suck it in and try to accept bloods blood!
Your mum hasnt had to do this constantly for the last 35ish years so I kind of understand her immaturity...
And you know your mum!!!!!
I am proud of your desision to contact your ole man!

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