Wednesday, January 5, 2011

why blog?

i read a lot of blogs!! and lately i've been looking at my blogroll and culling a few blogs {only a few} that i don't resonate with anymore. i love looking into other peoples lives but only if that come from a place that is true.... you know the blogs i'm talking about, the ones that are there in all their rawness. i love them

but lately i've noticed a few blogs that are becoming more and more like the masks i am trying not to wear to in public. you know... they feel fake, they feel unoriginal, uninspired, like they want something from me. it's got me thinking why do these people blog and why do i blog??

personally i blog for me, my family and friends... having moved around a lot i have friends and family all around and i like to give them a sneak peek into our daily lives. and for me i love this few minutes i get to occasionally write. i also like to pop up some of my missy melly goodies when i get around to it.

lately though i've been questioning whether i should be sharing publicly as some of my ideas are ending up in others businesses and on others blogs... disappointing that's for sure. but after discussing it with some of my good friends i've decided i will continue to share because as a true believer in karma i know all will be as it should.

but it's got me questioning.... why do YOU blog and why do YOU read them?

have a gorgeous day

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Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Hey Shan, I totally agree with you & everything you said in this post! My blog {and reason for blogging} has changed since I started it early last year. I originally started my blog as way to express, to create, to share & to focus on my business, designs & inspirations. But I started to loose motivation & passion was then that I realised that I get a lot more enjoyment & contentment out of writing for ME, about our life! My blog still contains lots of direction from my business, designs & faeatures etc, but it's mainly a diary/journal/keepsake of the adventures we {my family} get up to. I look forward to having it in the future when my child/ren are grown up to look back on :) I too have family scattered all over the world & Australia so it's also a good place for them to come to keep up with what I/we have been doing & the photos I take :) And...being an optimist & usually-positive-person, I prefer to focus on the good things happening in my life....I keep it honest, but save the really hard times, personal issues & tough time with just close friends & family.
I started questioning 'blogging' and why people do it too....I wrote about it here:
Shan, I love your blog. It's always light & fun & honest...and I always seeing into your girls lives...they are gorgeous!!!
Keep blogging & keep designing/creating....coz you're inspirational & a lovely writer!

Jelly Bean Books said...

Like you, I blog to share - I love the simple creativity of a blog. ~ Christine

Irene MissyMinzy said...

I can't help it but to also tip in some of my contribution on your blog, Shantell.

Blog was the first media I came across when I lost my job during the recent global recession before starting my label (most of my illustration were done during my pregnancy back then).

To me, blog is where I found myself. My inner feeling (especially when you are an artist!) is scattered everywhere on my blog! It is true that not many like to read about personal issues and all but that shouldn't stop you from sharing what you want as it's your blog..if that make sense...

In reality, am a low key person and I like to keep my privacy private. So this, am different compare to I do not find it comfortable to share about my family and what we do mixing it with my label if that make sense. Bear in mind, that's just me.

Handmade industry is a very competitive industry. So it's best not to share too many new ideas (esp yet to execute) as there are always people out there stalking at your new products and copycat you. I mean no harsh nor harm but most people out there treat my kindness and honesty as a threat to them. I apologize if I have offended you, in advance.

Anyways, my Y2011 is to spend more time creating and blogging (not so much on FB)..otherwise it will becoming a task to update FB on daily basis (or like Tweeter) and no time to spare when you have a young baby to watch over. Where's my ME time, hun? ;)

Like I mentioned on your FB's page. I like your products and I hope you continue enjoying the adventure and loving life to the fullest as you are :) Main thing is enjoy yourself. Don't really have to care what other think. You know what is best.

Lish said...

I blog because I like being part of an online community. I like recording milestones for my daughters, testing out new recipes and just talking about life in general.

I guess when I read blogs it is to see what other people do on a day to day basis, to see some amazing baking and to look at creative endeavours. Although I am trying to limit the number of blogs that I read because there just isn't enough hours in the day!

shan {missy melly} said...

thanks everyone for taking the time to comment... i've decided i'm here to stay!

my blog probably only represents a small part of my life but i want to keep sharing.

i agree that the handmade industry is very competitive and i guess i need to be a little more careful in that respect. but i love what i do and i love sharing it so if people need to take my ideas then so be it

have a gorgeous day

Shan x

kasia leach said...

Oh Shan.. So sad to hear you are questioning your blogging.. You've put so much work into it.. Getting it redesigned and into Missy melly..

My initial reason was to help me focus on the positive aspects of motherhood when going through PND.. You may remember my blog was originally called "the love of motherhood".. Then it became my little spot to express myself.. To share with family and friends.. Just to be me amongst all my other hats.. I loved it like that.. Until a family drama (you know what I mean).. Since then I have realized that there are some things I no longer want to share because of the repocussions it has (all via email as I've blocked that on here).. And I'm a bit lost as far as the motherhood part.. I want to write about the crap times as the blogging world is so supportive.. But I also dint want to show the vulnerable side to a certain couple of people..

I've now decided to keep to the positive.. A bit vague about specifics and change the direction of kasiabear all together.. Focussing more on design and photography and printmaking..

Hopefully when I regain some emotional strength I can get back to blogging in more detail about all the crappy parts as well as the great parts of life..



Becky said...

I started my blog originally as I 1) love to journal and 2) wanted to share what was happening in my life with my family, who live hours away.
This year I have discovered the joy of community a blog can bring and have so enjoyed sharing with a wider readership and I love to go and read what others are doing in their lives. I love to see the amazing things others share. Like you and your handmade crafts. Amazing.
It is horrible that your sharing here has led to others taking your ideas and I really hope you're able to find a way to share while keeping your ideas your own.

Unknown said...

I agree wholeheartedly with all you have written Irene.
I'm new to blogging ... actually, I have only blogged once and my blog is new and raw and not polished at all yet, but I will get there!
I have been on FB all of 2010 and I now find it unbearable, I feel like I'm back in high school! I think it is fair to say that to me posting on FB feels like a chore, like cleaning toilets!
It's not all bad though, what I love about FB is that I have connected with some great people (like you Shan) and hopefully now that I am blogging I can make some great connections with likeminded people because that is what life is all about - friendship and connecting with others.
So in short, I have no idea what I'm doing at all but I want to give it a go. Now I just have to find some followers and see how I go.

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