Saturday, February 5, 2011

the attitude of gratitude....

this week i'm writing about something that is on my graitude list every day and i'm well and truly reminded of it at bath time....

 running water

♥ i am grateful for not having to walk kilometres with buckets on my head to get it
♥ i am grateful for clean disease free water
♥ i am grateful for the tap which allows it to flow into my house whenever i wish
♥ i am grateful that is comes out hot too
♥ i am grateful that my girls get to bathe themselves in water that is better quality than a lot of the world drinks

joining in with maxabellaloves

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My Pigeon Pair said...

What a gorgeous pic and a lovely truly is the simple things in life!

Lish said...

It is really good to sit back and think what we are grateful for - and how much we take for granted! Thanks for this post.

Maxabella said...

Oh how much we take for granted!!! x

Cate said...

Oh yes, and grateful that we might have enough of the stuff this year to keep the murray flowing and the farmers afloat (so to speak :-))
Great gratefuls!!
have a lovely weekend

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oh Shan...i love this!
Running water.....fresh water...clean water!! Something we all probably take for granted!
Thanks for the reminder :)

Becky said...

Great post! Some days it's so easy to take clean, runing water for granted.
Love that photo :)

Naturally Carol said...

I bet all those people up north who have had limited access to clean tap water this week will be extra grateful when it is 'on tap' again! After the Canberra bush fires..the next day...there was talk that the water supply was contaminated..that was a scary thing and I realised very quickly how much I depended on it.

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