Sunday, March 20, 2011

blogger awards

the gorgeous claire from scissorspaperrock passed on these awards to me awhile ago... WOW thank you

i have to reveal 7 things about myself to receive the award and then pass it on to 7 other bloggers... so here goes
  1. i was vegetarian from the age of 14 until i became extremely anaemic when i was pregnant with my twin girls
  2. my favourite food is japanese and i detest chinese food
  3. i did work experience in china for 2 months after finishing my acupuncture degree
  4. i miss having a dog
  5. the beach is my favourite place, my plan is to live within a 5 minute walk within the next 7 years
  6. i got married in thailand and a baby elephant was at out wedding to bless our marriage
  7. i taught myself to sew in november 2009 and started missy melly in april 2010
the bloggers i would like to pass the award on to are...

from me to mum
the lark
blooming in japan
another lunch
sheye rosemeyer
plushka craft

pop by these pages and have a peak... i love them all for a variety of reasons

have a gorgeous day

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