Saturday, March 26, 2011

going green....

tonight is earth hour and for one hour {or more if you can this year}we will be turning off our lights, i hope you can join us

so in the spirit of this my attitude of gratitude post is about electricity

i'm often heard in my house saying things like "i just flick this and wala LIGHT!!!" "i push this and here come the heat" "how amazing is in that i just pop the kettle on and i can have a cuppa in a minute" 

yes my family think i'm nuts, but i am still to this day so grateful for the things that make our lives easier

take time out to appreciate this next time you pop on the tele or fumble around in the dark or need to quickly reheat something in the microwave as it's truly mind blowing

playing along with maxabellaloves hosted by and then there were four
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MultipleMum said...

Thanks for the reminder about Earth Hour! I think I may have forgotten without it. Like you, I am grateful for life's little conveniences. Imagine how hard things could be!

Take care and thanks for linking up x

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