Monday, March 21, 2011

my love of all things japanese...

those of you who know me know i have a small {read large} obsession with all things japanese

the recent events in japan have broken my heart

i wanted to pay a little tribute to the amazing country that is japan and all its quirkiness, beauty, culture and honour with some images that i think of when i think of japan

hello kitty - a childhood favourite

sashimi - YUM

cherry blossoms - my favourite flower

kokeshi - i just adore these cute little dolls

geishas - so japan

temples - blissful

japanese tea ceremony - i love these traditions

kirin beer - perfect with sashimi

mount fuji - i had a dog named fuji!!

day spa - another take on it :)

sake - mmmmm

and what tribute to japan would be complete without the most famous of the japanese anime!

of course i could keep going but heres a small snippet

please give what you can to help those affected :)

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