Sunday, June 26, 2011

as the sun sets on another weekend...

this week i am most grateful for my husband... 

he has shown me the true meaning of love
he's so supportive of me and all of my wacky ideas
he's the best dad
he's a hard worker and goal orientated
he can cook and does
he's affectionate
he's kind hearted
he cares about others and the world we live in
he's spiritual
he's a big spunk and we're truly travelling the same path

...i could go on but you get the picture... ♥
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Anonymous said...

Oh ain't love grand ! Aren't we lucky to have each found a beautiful soul who "gets" us ? Feeling the love over at our house too tonight :)
Thanks for another inspiringly positive week Shan x

Unknown said...

gorgeous. I love reading good things about husbands instead of man bashing. love love love

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