Friday, June 17, 2011

when one door closes....

it's really true... another one opens {even if i had to build the door myself and then open it}

sometimes i wonder about this and think do things really happen for a reason, but the events of the last 2 weeks have shown me that they really do!!

i've moved from a frame of mind, that is usually so positive and recently become sapped of this positivity, back to the real me... i am feeling full of life again!!

so a big thank you to the ladies you are supporting my new business group... you know who you are xxxx
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wrappedinfabric said...

I am so please Shan, you only get what you give out! You have been giving for a while now and your time has come to lap up the returns. xxx

wrappedinfabric said...

You deserve it Shan! xxx
You have been giving for a long time now and your turn has come receive.

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