Monday, August 1, 2011

addicted to facebook...

i am the first to admit that i spend a lot of time on FB.... i do run a business from it so that's why i am there a lot of the time and i do chat with friends too regularly.... i also waste a LOT of time!!

recently though i have been looking at peoples status updates {you really can learn a lot about people from them} and realise that so many people are addicted to it

you know the updates that tell you everything as it is happening

or when i was on a recent trip away with people i had met online and they couldn't switch off from FB for 2 days to actually really spend time with real people sitting there with them

it has always fascinated me... it used to just be the text messaging people that would be constantly doing that rather than actually doing what it is that they are texting about

i have a friend that will be out and will be texting the whole time about what a great time she is having... um how are you have a such a great time when you are on the phone the whole time???

i think FB is awesome... it has allowed me to start a business and build it too a high level of success but i am very grateful for the ability to still switch off to it all and spend entire days/weekends without logging in to see whats going on

it's got my wondering why can't we switch off?? is facebook like an umbilical cord or a noose?? would love to hear your thoughts :)

have a great day

Shan x
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Jane from Lil Pip said...

mmmm interesting really. Facebook is about connecting with friends and being social, yet are we actually loosing the ability to do this face-to-face rather than virtually?

I recently had a full week break and it was lovely! I did so much with my family, kids and the house (!!)

I'm now doing it in moderation. Like you, running a business I do spend some time there but not as much as I did before.


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