Saturday, August 6, 2011

as the sun sets on another week...

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....i am so grateful for my positive outlook on life

i must admit it hasn't always been easy to look on the bright side but more and more i find it's the only way i look at things... its becoming a habit, something easy to do and natural

i love to surround myself with others that are like minded or want to be and again this makes it easier for me

so thank you to the people that give me a dose of positivity... i truly appreciate it and love you for it

shan x

playing along with maxabella
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Anonymous said...

Your positivity is contagious lovely lady xxx

Felicity said...

Back at you - it's a wonderful gift to share....and receive!

xx Felicity

kasia leach said...

It sure is contagious!! I think I'm coming out in a positive rash..

MelbourneMumma said...

It's the best way to be...some days it can be challenging though but life is much better when you stop and see how much you have :)

Unknown said...

Yes, & i think Maxabella's Saturday grateful keeps us looking for those things that we can be thankful for!

Unknown said...

Oh Shan, I love a fellow Pollyanna! And agree that hanging with positive people makes you happier too.

What a wonderful thing to be grateful for (says she who also sips from a half full cup).

Have a marvellous weekend. What am I saying? Of course you will!

(Love your blog by the way. GORGEOUS!)


Maxabella said...

We Pollyannas are doing fine. It's the only way to live! x

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