Tuesday, August 30, 2011

right now...

 feeling sad that one of my really good friends forgot my birthday and hasn't returned my calls for 4 months
 thinking it's time to get over the above :)
 hearing my girls singing to the wiggles
 loving my hubby for making my birthday special yesterday
 wondering what i should have for brekky
 appreciating the huge number of gorgeous birthday wishes i got yesterday... feeling the love
 smelling the flowers in my house and freshly brewed coffee
 drinking tea from my new tea cup
 laughing at my girls again
 knowing that it might be time to let someone go
 wanting to lose weight
 believing i going to have a fab day shopping and lunching with the girls tomorrow
 wearing my PJ's

have a gorgeous day xxx
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Anonymous said...

right now I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow x

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