Saturday, September 10, 2011

attitude of gratitude {money}

we don't live excessively and are not materialistic at all, but this week i am grateful for living comfortably... my hubby and i work hard to provide for our family and i am so so glad that when we do want something or want to go somewhere we don't have to check our bank accounts to see if we can afford it

i have many friends who live from pay cheque to pay cheque... i have never been one of those people... i have always saved for a rainy day and it has flowed on to my adult life

when i was little and i got 20 cents i would put it in my money box and save for something i really wanted, my brother would spend it straight away on lollies :) he's still like that but his lollies are now cars and other materialistic crap

i hope my girls pick up this trait as it can serve you very well

happy saturday

shan xxxx

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Nic Wood said...

Always love your gratitude posts Shan
Nic xxx

Unknown said...

Saving for a rainy day. Yes indeed. Lovely post. I have two jars like that in my cupboard where all my spare change goes. So handy when it comes to school lunches and pocket money :)

qttess said...

Unfortunately I am one of those people living from paycheck to paycheck and trying so hard to save, and yet sometimes it's just too hard, but I'm trying nonetheless. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and hopefully one day soon, the jar will be full! xxxx

Unknown said...

This is the BEST way to live. It shows so much and is one of the best values to teach your kids.

We try really hard to instill good money habits with our kids, and I hope it rubs off.

I can already tell, your kids have a great head start.

Thank you so much for linking up today with your wisdom. xx

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