Saturday, October 8, 2011

as the sun sets on another week....

i am grateful for my hubby

he's so supportive and loving, always on my side, always allowing me to follow my dreams

but what makes me smile everyday is how he is so involved with the girls and i just love the little vege garden he and the girls have started... everything has been nurtured from seeds in pots in the laundry and when big enough moved out into the garden beds they have prepared outside

hope you have a great weekend

shan x

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Unknown said...

you have reminded me to go and get a pot, and potting mix, to plant the seedlings that my little boy had grown at kindy. Thank you

Unknown said...

my kids and hubby love spending time together in the vegie patch! great post :)

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if we were inspired by the same post this week ???
Great photos Shan.
Hope you are having a great weekend,
Dee x

Maxabella said...

I love how much so many of us love our darling husbands. Yours seems like such a good man, Shan. I would love mine EVEN MORE if he would start the vegie patch that's been waiting on me for months. Alas, not yet. x

Anonymous said...

NiceBlogYours ..

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