Saturday, May 4, 2013

renewing my sewjo

Lately I've really struggled to get into my studio and sew.  This has been really getting be down lately so last week I decided to put my work aside and sew some things from my heart.

Here are some of the results

These, along with a few more, will be for sale on our facebook page very soon

Do you like them?

Shan x

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Monday, April 22, 2013

I was hooked on a drug...

and that drug was sugar. I say was because I'm currently trying to detox from it and get this terrible addiction under control. I have read a lot about sugar addiction. I have detoxed several times before, but those detoxes always included dairy, alcohol, sugar, processed junk and meat. After each detox I always felt amazing, but slowly let the sugar and other things creep back in. 

Easter nearly broke me this year. I was at work for four 10 hour shifts and surrounded by chocolate. I lost control and felt absolutely terrible by the end of it. I decided then to do something about it.

So here's week one of my sugar detox, loosely based on Sarah Wilson's "I Quit Sugar" book. I jumped straight into week 3 and cut all fructose out of my diet, including fruit.

Scared but inspired I start Day 1 with no fructose. I made it through fairly easily and felt quite good at the end. I was hunting for sweets after dinner so made myself a fructose free hot chocolate which really helped

Day 2 again was easy enough and I was really enjoying trying to make my meals a little more varied and healthy each day. Lunch today was roasted beetroot and pumpkin with green beans and grilled haloumi. So delicious. I'm having to get my head around adding more fat into my diet but loving it.

Little sweet treats like this really helped. This is natural peanut butter, rice malt syrup, cacao powder and shredded coconut. So delicious with a hot cuppa!

Day 3 and I'm feeling the detox today!! A constant headache and the feeling of being cold to the core. I combatted this by eating, eating, and drinking a lot of tea and water. By the end of the day I felt a little better. I went to bed hoping it wasn't going to last long but knew it was part of the dtox that just had to be ridden out.

Lunch today consited of steamed brocoli, grilled haloumi with cracked pepper and lemon. It was delicious and really made me feel better.

Day 4: My headache is gone but I still feel cold. I had to say no to pavlova and birthday cake tonight which was hard but I felt great afterwards not caving in

Day 5: I know why they do it but it still always amazes me why people need to be so negative when others try and change for the better. Anyway I feel great today. 

Today I made up a new batch of coconutty granola with a chocolatey twist and it was divine! 

Day 6: I'm feeling really great. No cravings at all. I feel full when I eat and content. After dinner my head is still telling me to go and look for some sugar {from habit} but my body truly doesn't care for it. I resisted lollies and birthday cake at a party today VERY easily.

So there you have Week 1 done and dusted!! I am feeling great and hopefully I can continue

Shan x
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Better than icecream...

... According to my girls

This simple and delicious dessert is a huge hit with my little ladies

It's simply one ripe or over ripe mango and 3 heaped tablespoons of Greek yoghurt blended until smooth and creamy in my magic bullet or blender

The consistency ends up like a mousse and needs to be eaten with a spoon

This mix we also put into icy pole molds and freeze for a healthy cold treat on these hot summer days

Would love to know if you make it for your little ones and what they think?

Shan x
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

lazy {but productive} saturday morning

I don't about your house, but ours is go go go. The weekends are usually no different. The girls are up at 5:30am EVERY morning and we just get up and make the most of the day. This morning though I was tired. A late night out with girlfriends for dinner and a few wines last night, chatting to the wee hours the night before and I'm feeling it. The girls and I have the day to ourselves so after snuggles in bed we had breakfast, showered and got dressed. While they were eating breakfast I made a big pot of vege soup for dinner tonight and some fresh mango and yoghurt icy poles as a little treat for dessert.

I then decided to do some crafting with the girls and make some art work for their grandparents for Christmas. My girls love nothing more than to craft. I had printed out these templates quite awhile ago but we just never seem to get them done.

After a quick demonstration....

... the girls set to work.

We used coloured ink pads and baby wipes to keep clean. The girls loved doing this activity and it kept them busy for nearly an hour.

We will get some frames for each picture and then wrap them up for christmas pressies.

Now off to watch the girls dance like ballerinas to classical music while I sip of nice hot cuppa tea.

Are you making handmade gifts for your family and friends this year? If so what are you making?

Shan x

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

something for me

we're well into spring and with summer on it's way i'm wanting to freshen up our bedding. I've started with a crisp white doona cover and some gorgeous pale blue sheets all in 1000 count egyptian cotton

next i'm working on making some scatter cushions to brighten things up

fabric is on it's way but here is a picture of the first one I whipped up this morning

i just love it, do you?

shan x

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