Thursday, October 29, 2009

i love a clean house, but hate chemicals...... i discovered this amazing range of cleaning products from Murchison Hume in Sydney.

I have been trying to lead a chemical free existance since finding out i was pregnant with my twin girls. firstly because i didn't want to do anything that was going to harm them, but also because i developed a severe sensitivity to strong smells while pregnant.

researching on the net i discovered this range and ordered them. they are divine..... so gorgeous to look at, they smell natural and fresh and they really do work!! another bonus is they are produced here in australia.

Check out the range

{images courtesy of murchison hume}

i love finding new products to use around the house and clinic that are chemical free and eco friendly.....

what do you use??

have a fabulous day xx
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kasia leach said...

Completely with you there in that area Shan... I did the same thing when I fell pregnant with Ella. I couldn't stand the smell of anything strong and to this day even the smell of lavender turns my stomach upside down.

I use Enjo in our house which is essentially like cleaning with water. They have came out with a few very safe, chemical free products now too which are great.

I had lots of trouble breastfeeding too and ended up expressing for 7 months with Ella and 4 months with Zaccy, hence I was constantly washing and steralising the breast pump and bottles and my hands got really bad. My favourite hand cleaning product is the QV handwash.

Last but not least... Toilet spray... cause sometimes you just need one.. We use the Orange Power Air Freshener :o)


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