Thursday, October 29, 2009

pay it forward :: my pledge ::

i just signed up to pay it forward over at Nic Wood's blog

so what happens now..... well Nic has 365 days to handmake something and send it to me. then i will handmake something and send it to the first 3 people that comment to this post that wish to be involved within 365 days and they will post about it on their blog and so on and so on.... it's a lovely way of spreading the love!!

ok so if you wish to be involved please comment below

first 3 people only

have a great day xx
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Chantel said...

Pick me! Pick me! What an awesome idea :)

Shan said...

OK Chantel you're the first!!! I'll contact you for your postal address and put my thinking cap on.... hmmmmmm what to send you. Enjoy making your gifts too

Have a fab day x

Lexi said...

That sounds really cool! I just wanted to share my site with you since you have little girls! I hope youll check it out! :) Thanks!

Jessi said...

hmm is there still a spot here for me? i played earlier on in the year, but i think it is time to play again!

Shan said...

Hi Jessi

Yay!! You are number 2. hmmmm what to make you???? have fun with your pledge and i'll contact you for your address

thanks :)

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