Tuesday, November 17, 2009

skin series:: my 10 most effective ways to beat the signs of aging.....

  1. protect yourself from the sun EVERY day
  2. don't smoke
  3. start looking after your skin today, not when you're seeing the signs of aging, the earlier the better... this includes a good skin care regime including rosehip oil and facial massage
  4. reduce stress in your life
  5. drink plenty of water
  6. limit alcohol and other drugs
  7. eat well
  8. exercise
  9. start having cosmetic acupuncture early (a shameless plug!!! but it really does work)
  10. get as much sleep as possible
have a great day everyone :)
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Alex said...

And laugh every day....

Shan said...

i couldn't agree more alex!!

they say laughter is the best medicine... i don't know about that but it certainly does help :)

Mooce Baby said...

Thanks for sharing - although to get my beauty sleep is a bit of challenge lately : )

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