Monday, June 28, 2010

before and afters...

we have been living in our new home now for a year and although we have done heaps to the outside, we have kinda just moved in and got settled but haven't really made the place as homely as i would like. so i'm embarking on a makeover of the house....

there's a lot of sorting to do
photos to blow up and print
pictures to be hung
new furniture to be bought
and fun to be had

i am feeling very motivated at the moment so i'm going to tackle as much of it as i can while i still am!

list of priorities
  • girls toy room - completely empty out and start again!
  • girls wardrobe and drawers
  • spare room
  • our wardrobe
  • rumpus room
  • lounge/ dining rooms
  • kitchen
that should keep me busy enough... i have taken the before photos last week and so will reveal them as i have finished my projects

so stay tuned
i love a good before and after!! here's to hopefully creating some

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A Lillie Bug said...

cant wait!!!!
No way would I show my wardrobe! hahahaha

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