Tuesday, June 29, 2010

up date on my detox....

i am feeling fantastic!!

day 1 : was great
day 2: bad bad horrid headache
day 3&4: headache started again after lunch
day 5: low level headache all day
day 6: no headache and feeling better
day 7: more energy and motivation
day 8 to 14: more energy, no cravings, drinking more water, lost 2.5kgs, more mental focus, more tolerance, generally feeling great!

so i'm going well and going to keep on ploding along... 4 weeks to go

will let you know how i'm feeling again soon

have a great xxxx
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Blythe said...

Hi Shan, good on you! Can I ask what sort of detox it is? I need to do something like this, are you basing it on a book or some info I could access?

shan {missy melly} said...

hi blythe... thanks
this detox is one my naturopath friend gave me... i have the basics typed up if you want me to email it to you?? i'm finding it really easy now and feeling fab xx

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