Friday, July 2, 2010

missy melly

i haven't spoken about what's going on in the world of missy melly for a little while, so here's a little update...

  • we're about to hit 1000 followers on our facebook page
  • orders are flowing in constantly and keeping me very busy
  • missy melly was selected to receive a complimentary product photoshoot so i'm getting items ready for that
  • getting lots of positive feedback {which is so so great}
  • handmade living submission is complete {can't wait to see the book due out in Dec}
  • fabrics keep arriving at the door and i loooove it :)
here's a few recent custom orders that have been sent out to missy melly customers

thanks again for all of your support

shan xxx
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Susie said...

Hi Shan, you are the lucky winner of my blog giveaway. I shall email you for details.

Susie from
I Just Love That Fabric

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