Tuesday, December 21, 2010

attitude of gratitude....

as most of you know i have a daily ritual of gratitude

which means i say out aloud things that i am grateful for while i am making the beds each morning

occasionally i like to share

so here's 10 things i'm grateful for right now

my washing machine - we often complain about how much washing we have to do but imagine having to actually wash it all by hand like my nana used to!!

snuggles with girls - they are trying to not nap anymore and are so tired and grumpy that sometimes we just snuggle up together and i love it

the local swimming pool - it brings the girls so much joy

my hubby - he's my rock

living in australia - need i say anymore :)

the people i have met online since starting missy melly

running water

my life

being able to spend so much time with my girls while they are young

the internet

have a beautiful day

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Margaret said...

For a while there I kept a gratitude journal. A good exercise to do.

this jen day said...

you know, one of my earliest memories is watching my mama wash our clothes on one of those scrubbing boards, over the grass, in the backyard. And this was the early 80s! We'd just moved to Australia, didn't know anyone, and there wasn't much money to spare. I was 3, my twin sisters were 18 months, and I have no idea how my darling mama did it. Every time I have a bad day (admittedly, thankfully, they're not very often) all I have to do is think of how much more she struggled, with no money, and no-one to help, and I feel like a bit sooky-la-la and snap myself right out of it :)
Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family.xxx

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