Saturday, June 11, 2011

attitude of gratitude....{moving on}

this week has been a bit of a shit!! but i am feeling very grateful for my ability to pull my socks and not just move on but move forward... i've had a fab few days creating a group for like minded positive women in business and the response has been fabulous so far... i'm very excited, inspired and thankful for the group, the women and their support

and just because i can... here's a little pic of my girls on their way out to a party last weekend... daddy even dressed them {although i had laid out some clothes}!!!

playing along with maxabellaloves

have a gorgeous day xxx
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Melli said...

Oh Shan you girls are just gorgeous! You have such a positive attitude love it!

Alice Becomes said...

two absolutely gorgeous little girls here, love their hats!

Go you - I like your determination: pulling the socks up and moving forward. Great stuff

Gill xo

Lisa Lou said...

Your girls are ridiculously cute but I'm sure you know that already! : )

Anonymous said...

You rock !!!!! Of course I still want all the juicy details, but your ability to turn it all around and rally the troops is truly inspirational. I love the group you have created.
This line from your last post:
"i figured out that i am a business woman who happens to craft not a crafts woman who happens to be in business" keeps rattling around in my head. I'm pretty sure I know which one I am, but not sure if I like it :\
Keep up your amazing work (all 4 full time jobs that you have !) and hopefully talk soon,
Happy long weekend, Dee xxx

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