Thursday, June 9, 2011

the retreat....

well as you may know i went away with a group of women i had "met" online for the daylesford craft experience last weekend...

i have written a huge blog post about this but have left it in my drafts section as that is the right thing to do... i don't like the idea of censoring my blog but this is how it must be for now

let me just say

that once again my gut instinct was right
that i won't be doing it again
that i was surprised by some
that there were 3 very talented ladies featured at the retreat
and that i figured out that i am a business woman who happens to craft not a crafts woman who happens to be in business

sorry to be cryptic

have a fantastic day

shan x

ps i'll be back with some pics later
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Anonymous said...

oh the intrigue !!!!!!
Loved your goodies from Lark in your last post :)

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